MT Energy aims to make continuous improvement by taking into account customer requirements and by applying quality standards. The Quality Assurance System established by MT Energy was certified by ISO 9001 Certificate.

All manufactured and supplied products by MT Energy, are approved to be controlled by Professional Quality Department. Inspections and tests all the stages from entrance control to final product control are documented and recorded in compliance with ‘Product Identification and Traceability’ process.

MT Energy aims to meet high quality hardware fastener needs of time-tested companies at an international level by cooperating with them in current and future projects. For this purpose and full participation of our works:
      • Providing Quality Management System to be understood, practiced and maintained in the all stage of company.
      • Embracing and practicing the management mentality which is adaptable ethical values and legal necessities according to domestic and international standards, environment, occupational health and work safety rules.
      • Taking due precautions before fault occur and making continuous improvement by determining previously potential mistakes during production.
      • Meeting the customer satisfaction.
      • Targeting to improve itself with its all suppliers towards increasing its customer satisfaction.
      • Embracing continual improvement and development as a company philosophy in all obtained results.
      • Following closely developing technology.
      • Ensuring professional competence of employees and consistently increasing
      • Providing competitive quality, production, and term of sale are adopted as its Quality Policy.
In energy transmission line sector, MT Energy providing fitting hardwares of good quality and moving forward to became a global company, will behave environmental volunteer way,sensitive to environment with all his employees. With the participation of all our employees, our aim toward developping the environmental sensitivity:
      • Improving and manufacturing its products by taking care of environmental influences.
      • Contributing to decrease utilization of environmentally hazardous substances such as energy consumption, emulsion, waste water and waste products,
      • Conforming laws and other regulations concerning environment,
      • Considering environmental actions on all process.
      • Determining environmental risk and taking precautions in accordance with identified risk.
      • Reducing waste products at source,
      • Preventing air, water and soil pollution,
      • Reviewing environmental performance and improving continually,
      • Supporting studies of environmental awareness for employees, customers and society.
      • Protecting natural resources, using energy efficiently,
      • Contributing to raise environmental awareness in the society is MT Energy’s Environmental Policy.
MT Energy aims to provide a healthy and safe work environment for its employee, visitors and suppliers by implementing a management concept valuing occupational health and safety. In accordance with this aim and with the participation of the employees:
      • Take all kinds of measures according to legislative regulations and legal requirements related to occupational health and safety to keep healthy and provide protection of employees, suppliers and visitors.
      • Constitute an occupational health and safety management system reinforced by continuous improvement.
      • Predestine insecure situation and accident risk which may cause potential occupational accidents and occupational diseases by performing an effectual risk assessment, and take due precaution for annihilating.
      • Provide an ergonomic and healthy work environment avoiding any occupational injury.
      • Provide 24 hours security in working life for accident free days.
      • Minimize emergency risk and be provide against urgency cases.
      • Avoid constitution of any environment which may cause accidents
      • Organize occupational training to improve awareness of occupational health and safety among all employees.
      • Consider occupational health and safety factors at the stage of new investments and projects.
      • Promoting our workers, suppliers and society’ s occupational health and safety awareness workings is adopted as our HSE Policy.
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