MT Energy sustains its works for the purpose of increasing standard of living of human with innovative, creative, productive, secure and eco friendly technology for the stated markets. In accordance with this purpose, to take the right steps and to become the leader in its market, MT Energy adopted six key management criterions beside ‘Sustainable Growth and Profitability’ target.
      1. Visionary Management
          • Represent MT Energy in domestic and international platform with knowledgeable and executive team in a way to keep pace with fluctuations in the global market.
          • Be supported sense of Total Quality by senior management.
      2. Sense of Corporate Governance
          • Encourage employees to add high incidence of contribution by constituting department and employee targets in integration with corporate governance.
          • By regulating process flowings, performing productive, efficient and dinamic work processes.
          • Minimize potential risk by improving risk management
      3. Customer Satisfaction
          • Control and establish needed measurement system in the fields of relationship between MT Energy and customers, production quality, after sales support, customer loyalty and long-term practice.
          • Develop process improvement aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction.
      4. Research & Development And Innovation Projects
          • Apply projects to raise productivity and prevent wastage on the purpose of reducing manufacturing cost.
          • Be engaged in continuous improvement in a way to enhance production efficiency and employee satisfaction.
      5. Strong Financial Structure
          • Preserve the rate of net profits goals on minimum 10 percent level.
          • Grow at least 20 percent in every year.
          • Keep total personnel cost share under 10 percent into the turnover rate.
      6. Technological Investments
          • Meet requirements of target markets in way to provide competitive advantage by determining technologic investment needs, non-upset the balance of strong financial structure.
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