MT Energy, has started the adventure of production in 2000 as production base of Austrian centered Mosdorfer which was world’s giant on hardware fasteners of energy transmission line, carries on their activities with exclusive license and products at new factory as from 2012.

The aim of MT Energy establishment is manufacturing and selling used hardware fasteners on high-tension voltage line for energy transmission line sector. Due to fact that hardware fasteners of energy transmission line are critical, significant and high safety factor, it is necessary to receive type and production approval from accredited international institutions to be able to manufactured them. Also, hardware fastener designs of energy transmission line must be unique depends on producers. MT Energy is able to produce special hardware fastener requirements of different countries by receiving accredited international institutions’ type and production approval.

MT Energy has been producing bolts, anchor bolts, studs, full-threaded rods, nuts and washers (M12x30-M64x600) for energy transmission lines, machinery, construction and steel construction, by always taking into account international quality standards along with customer specifications.

MT Energy, has gained an important place in energy sector in a short time, aims to make continuous improvement by taking into account customer requirements and by applying quality standards. The Quality Assurance System established by MT Energy was certified by ISO 9001 Certificate.

The increasing customer portfolio beside of wide product scala and quality understanding, MT Energy have started an Export movement. MT Energy has overcome domestic demand bottlenecks by producing special products having high added values and by opening itself to world markets. MT Energy put into service aluminum injection moulding line by having an investment. Thus, MT Energy both increased its production range and joined new markets.

MT Energy, is able to manufacture hardware fasteners of energy transmission line from 34,5 kV to 500 kV, is also able to produce and meet special fasteners which is needed by construction, steel construction and energy markets.

All manufactured and supplied products by MT Energy, are approved to be controlled by Professional Quality Department. Inspections and tests all the stages from entrance control to final product control are documented and recorded in compliance with ‘Product Identification and Traceability’ process.

Assimilating philosophy of just in time production, Mt Energy satisfies customers’ needs by producing requested products with the desired quality and during very short lead times.

Furthermore, it targets to become a long term supplier by providing the best technical support service to its clients. MT Energy, certified importance given to human, environment and future with committed investments, rank as a brand in energy sector by getting strength from its customers.

Becoming the best a world-embracing company which supplies quality hardware fasteners in energy transmission line market.
MT Energy aims to meet the demands and guarantee customer satisfaction by putting costumer desire and satisfaction above all else, and by applying the quality standards precisely;
      • Become a global leader in supplying needed high quality hardware fasteners for energy transmission line market.
      • Create new products by design and research & development activities.
      • Increasing continuous productivity in production.
      • Make just in time production with zero defect.
      • Be sensitive to the environment in every step of production.
      • Enhance the knowledge and capability of the workers, motivate its employees and satisfy the needs of the workers.
      • Improve quality to a life style in all products and services.
      • Honestly and transparency.
      • Accountable management.
      • Costumer focused.
      • Open to cooperation.
      • Continuous education and development in all areas.
      • Employee satisfaction.
      • Productive, active, dynamic and systematic work.
      • High quality.
      • Continuous improvement in all areas.
      • Raising Awareness to employee about work safety and environmental consciousness.
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